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Our Safety & Operational Protocols


As everyone knows, Coronavirus COVID-19 has made its way to Grenada. This is not a time for fear, but rather strategic purposeful action and behavior based on facts and tools to help keep communities healthy, strong, and empowered while assuring you are able to protect you and your loved ones while on Carriacou.

Remember: Knowledge is Power, and Teamwork Leads to Victory. A community that is armed with facts and support can protect itself better against the transmission and spread of COVID19 and ultimately, its defeat.

Cleanliness and Safety

  • All employees are required to engage in frequent handwashing.

  • Hotel Laurena will deploy hand sanitizer at check in counters and all touchpoints.

  • Staff has been trained to avoid close contact and practice social distancing.

  • Staff has been instructed to increase sanitation measures to sanitize public areas, room keys, public bathrooms, and specific touchpoints throughout the property.

  • Staff will make necessary adjustments to our restaurant and catering offerings in accordance with the current food safety laws, guidelines and recommendations of Grenada.

  • Staff has been trained on new Housekeeping Procedures. 

  • All the aforementioned steps are published for the benefit of potential guests so they are reassured Hotel Laurena is maintaining high standards of cleanliness in today’s hyper-sensitive times.

Cancellation and Reservation Policies

  • Hotel Laurena will adhere to Force Majeure Standards and allow guests to cancel reservations without penalty until order is once again re-established. We recognize this is a crisis for everyone and we want to maintain positive relations with our customers.

  • Hotel Laurena will communicate its updated policies on the hotel website.

  • Current rates, while competitive, will reflect the nature of the crisis.

  • Hotel Laurena will follow local ordinances in respect to rules of housing guests, especially if there is a need to self-quarantine guests

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