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Across the street, at the shore, local fishermen sell off the catch of the day. Grouper, hind, snapper...come in to see what's on the menu today!


Cut to the contour of our special recipes for dishes made with goat meat, we serve stew and soup.

Oil Down

Traditional fare cooked over an open fire is a heavenly mix of nature's bounty...with hand rolled dumplings and culture.

Baked Chicken

Health food options are always on the menu. Notify us if you prefer a diabetic plate serving.


Chicken, beef and mutton stew are local favorites. During special events and holidays, you can be sure there will be a chef's surprise!


All entrees are served with a side salad and dressing of your choice. Bon apetit!

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Hotel Laurena, Carriacou 473-443-8334 or 8335  

Laurena II, Carriacou 473-443-8334 or 8335, x-509

US Toll Free 1-877-755-4386


Hotel Laurena

Middle Street

Hillsborough, Carriacou


West Indies

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