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Welcome to Our Community. 
Welcome to Hotel Laurena.

When you stay with us, You become a part of the community in Carriacou. Distant enough to enjoy your privacy in comfort and safety, yet close enough to the reason you came to Carriacou.
From our rooms and apartments, you'll be steps away from the shores of the Caribbean Sea and the heart of town...from our restaurant and bar, you'll be across the street enjoying a full view on the ground or above, on the veranda!
Hotel Laurena is in strolling distance to the jetty (pier), other restaurants and bars, the bus terminal and taxi stand, fresh produce and commercial banks, pharmacies, grocery stores and mobile phone service centers.
We offer everything from filtered ice and catering, to a multi-use facility, where social events and live performances can be staged for up to 200 persons. 
Thank you for your interest in Hotel Laurena. We're happy you're here.

Hotel Laurena gets better all the time… 


“We're very excited about the improvements and upgrades we're making... to guest rooms, renovating our fitness center and enthusiastic staff.”

Norma Alexander, Hotel Manager



“Our guests aren't here to stay in their rooms or apartments, but when the day is done we're a welcome sight after a day at sea, on the beach, in a meeting or at a cricket match. We are more than just a hotel; we're cultural ambassadors.” 

George Andrew, Hotel Owner

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